Euphoria Meals

Euphoria Meals is a new company that comes to the Greek market to offer the bar we love, in its best version!

All bars are handmade, rich in fiber, manganese, magnesium and iron and this makes them a complete energy snack.

For their preparation, only plant ingredients are used that ¨MANA GI¨ offers us, without added sugar, while the noticeable difference and competitive advantage of Euphoria Meals snacks is their raw texture and chewy taste.

All the ingredients they contain are ground with the result that, firstly, they do not create stomach disorders and secondly, the nutrients of the materials are released very quickly in the body. Finally, they are prepared only with extra virgin Greek olive oil.

The uniqueness of our bars is that 4 vegetable proteins have been combined (Cereal, Legume, Nuts, Seeds), with the result that amino acids missing from one are supplemented by the others.

Euphoria Meals fully aligns with the recognized nutritional standards associated with reduced risk of chronic diseases and meets the ISO 22000:2018 process, thereby offering the well-being and taste pleasure to its customers through an excellent range of energy-dense meals in five (5) flavor combinations:

Molasses · Chocolate-Hazelnut · Chocolate-Orange · Chocolate-Coconut · Peanut Butter

Main ingredients of Euphoria Meals snacks are oat bran, nuts and dried fruit. The 4 flavors contain honey and VEGAN molasses.

However, the primary ingredient remains the love of creation and the desire to offer quality energy and enjoyment to the customer.

Why Euphoria Meals;

Euphoria Meals bars are energy snacks that stand out for their raw composition.

The way they are prepared keeps their taste and nutrients unchanged.
On the contrary, the majority of the bars that exist in the global and Greek market have undergone heat treatment.

At the same time, for the production of Euphoria Meals bars, 10 to 13 ingredients are used compared to other bars on the market that have an average of 5.


Our Vision

  • To maintain the quality of our food at the highest levels
  • To create unique taste combinations for all consumers
  • To create a healthy daily habit for all ages
  • To have happy customers, employees and partners

`` Let thy food be thy medicine
and medicine be thy food ``