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Euphoria Meals sponsor of the ultimate experiential experience FROGMAN FIT

Euphoria Meals micro-meals are “thrown” into the battlefields of the “Frogman Fit” training programs and distribute energy to all participants, being their unique nutritional support!

Euphoria Meals is able to announce an innovative partnership agreement as it is now the official sports nutrition sponsor of Frogman Fit, the greatest experiential and sports experience ever organized in Greece!

Frogman Fit is a sports event with the aim of helping participants reach their best version, developing them into fighters who will win in every dimension of their lives, improving their physical condition as well as their mental and spiritual ability.

These are the elements that make it stand out, as confirmed by George “Danos” Angelopoulos, as the popular winner of the famous survival game SURVIVOR was one of the first participants and a supporter of this innovative venture. Other great athletes who tested their limits and attest to the uniqueness of Frogman Fit are Giannis Palaiologos, European Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the international pole vaulter and Olympic champion, Argyris Theodoropoulos.

In particular the programs include a comprehensive training, in environments such as at sea, in the forest during the day and at night, inspired by the preparation of the Special Forces with the most effective training practices of fitness and targeted protocols.


The content of the collaboration

With a slogan of “Get what you deserve”, Euphoria Meals’ sponsorship includes providing plant-based bar meals to each participant to give them the necessary energy they need to perform effectively throughout the programs and trials they have chosen to take part in.

Sponsorship support with bars aimed at the excellent nutrition and strengthening of the Frogman Fit contestants, stems from the belief that all 5 delicious flavors of Euphoria Meals are the most suitable and complete meal to boost energy and endurance in the face of any challenge!

In particular, by offering athletes plant-based energy snacks, they will be able to make the most of Euphoria Meals’ additional sources of energy, such as proteins and good fats, and will be able to meet the challenges that await them both during the event and and during his daily life.

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