Euphoria Meals En

Euphoria Meals Bars: Same taste, new packaging and more trendy than ever!

Euphoria Meals energy bars change era and get a new logo and a new unique look!

Improvement at all levels never stops!

Driven by the will for continuous development, Euphoria Meals now appears on the market with renewed visual packaging in all its five flavors for an even more modern image, while keeping its original and handmade recipe unchanged!

Goddess Dimitra…the new inspiration of Euphoria Meals!

The goddess Demeter expresses the archetype of the provider of food and is responsible for the fruitfulness of the earth.

For the company, it is the source of inspiration for both its logo and its very philosophy for the production of meals, with materials selected from mother earth that offer natural energy and endurance, at all hours of the day!

The colors attract attention and are carefully chosen, as brown is one of the colors that convey calmness and stimulate the appetite, while white represents the harmony and purity of the bar’s products.

Exciting packaging!

The new paper packaging stands out for its elegant minimalist shape and renewed designs and allows 100% preservation of its cool composition!

Look for the new packages in the five delicious flavors of Euphoria Meals chocolate-orange, chocolate-coconut, chocolate-hazelnut peanut butter and the vegan flavor molasses-cranberry all over Attica, while they come quickly to your hands wherever you are, through our eshop.

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